Doctor Profile
    • Graduated from B.J. Medical College Ahmedabad in 1988 & completed M.D. (General Medicine) from Civil Hospital Ahemedabad in 1992.
    • Has worked as Assistant Professor of Medicine at Medical College – Vadodara for 8 years. During that period he was post graduate (M.D.) teacher for General Medicine (Internal Medicine) degree.
    • He was also examiner for M.B.B.S. at various universities at Gujarat & other nearby states.
    • Participated in many National & International drug trials & has trained himself for allergy & immunology at Vallabhbhai Patel chest institute – Delhi.
    • Taken special training for Geriatric Medicine at All India Institutes at Medical Science (AIIMS) – New Delhi.
    • Is in private practice since Year 2000, so having total 19 years experience post M.D.