Our Medical Services

Both Outdoor (O.P.D.) and Indoor (I.P.D.) department work with efficient staff.

Treatment of all kind of medical patients

  • Commonest amongst them are
    • Hypertension
    • Heart attack
    • Cardiac failure
    • Bronchial Asthma
    • Allergy and Immunology
    • Storkes and Paralysis
    • Diabetes Mellitus
    • All infectious disease like Malaria, Typhoid, dengue and many others
    • Common medical illnesses.
  • Testing Facilities
    • Computerised Treadmill test
      It is done for early detection of Coronary Artery disease.
    • Computerised lung function test
      For detection and monitoring of Bronchial Asthma & COPD
    • Allergy testing and Immunotherapy
      Detection of various allergies and treatment of the same.

Round the clock Pathology and Radiology services

Health check up : Pre employment check up and Executive health check up facility available

I.C.U. :-Equipped with central monitor, multipara monitor, central oxygen line, non invasive ventilators.

Operation Theater
Well equipped operation theater where all kinds of general surgeries & endoscopies possible.

Cashless Mediclaim facilities available for various T.P.A.s. Separate department is looking after this service.

Good quality – hygienic food is provided by the hospital as per dietician’s recommendations.

Diet department
Diet counseling and guidance by a dietician for Indoor as well as outdoor patients.